Scientists develop clairvoyant machine capable of predicting the future

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Ecclesiastes 3:11

Scientists have developed a machine capable of predicting the future in a development which could prove to be pivotal in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence. The prototype device – which was created as part of a joint venture involving researchers from Australia’s Griffith University and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University – consists of a photonic quantum information processor capable of mapping out all potential future outcomes of a decision process. Mile Gu of Nanyang, who spearheaded the development of the quantum algorithm which underpins the device, said: “When we think about the future, we are confronted by a vast array of possibilities. “These possibilities grow exponentially as we go deeper into the future. “For instance, even if we have only two possibilities to choose from each minute, in less than half an hour there are 14 million possible futures. “In less than a day, the number exceeds the number of atoms in the universe.” READ MORE

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